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Re: [PATCH 1/2] Implement breakpoint_find_if

On Wednesday, March 11 2015, Yao Qi wrote:

> Sergio Durigan Junior <> writes:
>> My first thought was to share the ALL_BREAKPOINTS* macros on
>> gdb/breakpoint.h, but they use a global variable local to
>> gdb/breakpoint.c, and I did not want to share that variable.  So, in
>> order to keep the minimal separation, I decided to implement this
>> way of iterating through the existing 'struct breakpoint *'.
> Yeah, I agree that we should keep these variables private.
>> This function was based on BFD's bfd_sections_find_if.  If the
>> user-provided function returns 0, the iteration proceeds.  Otherwise,
>> the iteration stops and the function returns the 'struct breakpoint *'
>> that is being processed.  This means that the return value of this
>> function can be either NULL or a pointer to a 'struct breakpoint'.
> This is fine by me.  breakpoint_find_if can be more widely used so that
> some other code in breakpoint.c can be moved out.

Thanks, Yao.




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