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Re: [PATCH 3/3 v3] Implement remote_bfd_iovec_stat using vFile:fstat

On 03/11/2015 10:23 AM, Gary Benson wrote:
> Pedro Alves wrote:
>>> +  if (packet_support (PACKET_vFile_fstat) != PACKET_ENABLE)
>>> +    {
>>> +      memset (st, 0, sizeof (struct stat));
>>> +      st->st_size = INT_MAX;
>> A future reader may wonder why this isn't ENOSYS instead.  I think
>> a comment here would help.
> How about this:
>       /* Strictly we should return -1, ENOSYS here, but when
> 	 "set sysroot remote:" was implemented in August 2008
> 	 BFD's need for a stat function was sidestepped with
> 	 this hack.  This was not remedied until March 2015
> 	 so we retain the previous behavior to avoid breaking
> 	 compatibility.
> 	 Note that the memset is a March 2015 addition; older
> 	 GDBs set st_size *and nothing else* so the structure
> 	 would have garbage in all other fields.  This might
> 	 break something but retaining the previous behavior
> 	 here would be just too wrong.  */


It also occurred to me something else on the gdbserver patch.
I'll send a follow up.

> Are you ok for me to commit this patch, reordered before the
> gdbserver changes, with extract_unsigned_integer used in
> remote_fileio_to_host_{uint,ulong}, and that comment added?

It be easier for me to just see the patch before answering, but
I think I am, though I'd like to take another look at the docs
patch with everything combined, to cross check whether more
bits would be missing.

I think it'd be good to have a "RSP packets: how to add / best practices
how to document" wiki page/guide, serving as both guidance for
submitters and for cross checking for reviewers, mentioning
things like remembering to document the "set remote foo commands",
qSupported entries, NEWS, etc.

> (I will regenerate patch 2 with updated docs for Eli to
> approve).

Pedro Alves

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