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[PATCH 0/2] Separate syscall catchpoint code from gdb/breakpoint.c

Hi there,

This simple series is a "technical debt" that is being paid now.  It
creates a new file, gdb/break-catch-syscall.c, and moves code related
to syscall catchpoint from gdb/breakpoint.c to the new file.  I think
everybody will agree that gdb/breakpoint.c is huge, so I think every
kind of cleanup that can be made is welcome.

The first patch in the series implements a new function,
breakpoint_find_if, which is needed by the 'catch syscall' command.
It needs to iterate through the list of existing breakpoints, and the
only way (so far) is to use the ALL_BREAKPOINTS* macros.  Now, one can
use this new function, which is modeled after BFD's
bfd_sections_find_if, to do that task.  More explanation on the patch.

The second patch is the code movement itself.  It is totally trivial;
the only bit that I had to modify was the function that used
ALL_BREAKPOINTS; now it is using the new breakpoint_find_if.

I tested the patch by running the 'catch syscall' testcase, and
everything is passing.

OK to apply?

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