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Re: [PATCH 00/36] Support building GDB as a C++ program

On 02/27/2015 06:19 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:
> These are still pending:
>     > [PATCH 29/36] Normalize TRY_CATCH exception handling block
>     > [PATCH 30/36] quit_force: Replace TRY_CATCH wrapper macros
>     > [PATCH 31/36] Split TRY_CATCH into TRY + CATCH
>     > [PATCH 32/36] TRY_CATCH -> TRY+CATCH+END_CATCH everywhere
>     > [PATCH 33/36] TRY_CATCH -> TRY+CATCH+END_CATCH, the manual conversions
>     > [PATCH 34/36] more making TRY/CATCH callers look more like real C++ try/catch blocks
>     > [PATCH 35/36] kill volatile struct gdb_exception
>     > [PATCH 36/36] Make TRY/CATCH use real C++ try/catch in C++ mode

These are now in.

> I don't have time right now to rebase this part, but I'd like
> to move ahead with it sometime soon.  If anyone has comments on
> this, now's the time to send them out.

The remaining one is:

    > [PATCH 20/36] gdbserver/tracepoint: Add cast sockaddr_un/sockaddr cast

I'll post an alternative patch as soon as I have a chance.

Pedro Alves

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