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Re: [PATCH] handle dprintf error more gracefully

> Pedro:
> Alternatively, a new *error asynchronous MI event could be added,
> and then the frontend would be responsible for refresh all it's state
> when it got that, just like it should when it gets a synchronous
> ^error command result.  (I haven't thought this options fully
> through.)

> Antoine:
So I don't think finish_thread_state_cleanup is a good place to fix the
I think it would be better to be directly in some catch probably around
handle_signal_stop.. not sure where exactly yet...

However I think the way of doing a observer_notify_normal_stop with
reason error is much better then what I had done at first !! :) And so use that.

Does it sound like a plan ?

Also, for the global *error.. I'm not sure, I think it's better even if
we give no guarantee on the state, that we try to advertise it to the frontend
as much as possible even in case of error... *stopped,reason does a better job
at that then *error... even if *error would be more general....

After thinking about this more, in order to be consistent, I think the
new *error asynchronous MI event is a better approach since we need to make this consistent...

And having a special error handling case for each type of event did not feel right...

I will rethink the patch with that in mind...



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