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Re: [RFC] Support command "catch syscall" properly on different targets

On Tuesday, March 03 2015, Pedro Alves wrote:

> On 03/03/2015 12:11 PM, Yao Qi wrote:
>> Sergio Durigan Junior <> writes:
>>> You mean it's possible to use "catch syscall" on HP-UX targets?  I
>>> wonder how it works.
>> Yes, that is what I meant, at least that is what I can tell from the
>> source.
> was supported by the HP-UX target long before GNU/Linux gained
> support.  See inf-ttrace.c.  However, I don't think "catch syscall"
> itself ever did.  inf_ttrace_enable_syscall_events is only used
> for watchpoints.  Not that I find we should go fix it, mind you.

Exactly, that's what I meant by my question.  Sorry for not being

implementing "catch syscall", and I even remember making a decision to
use them instead of creating other TARGET_WAITKIND's.  However, the
"catch syscall" itself doesn't work on HP-UX.

Anyway, I just raised this point because we shouldn't "return 1" when
asked if inf-ttrace.c supports "catch syscall".

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