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Re: [PATCH] btrace: compute line range when printing

On 02/09/2015 03:37 PM, Markus Metzger wrote:
> The "record function-call-history" command prints the range of source lines
> for a function segment when given the /l modifier.  This information is
> computed for the entire execution history when processing the recorded branch
> trace.
> To speed up the initial trace processing, we compute the information when
> we print a function segment and only if requested.  The computation is fast
> enough (due to the limited scope) that it is not worth storing the data in
> struct btrace_function, anymore.
> CC: Jan Kratochvil  <>
> 2015-02-09  Markus Metzger  <>
> 	* btrace.h (btrace_function) <lbegin, lend>: Remove.
> 	* btrace.c (ftrace_debug): Do not print the line range.
> 	(ftrace_skip_file, ftrace_update_lines): Remove.
> 	(ftrace_new_function): Remove lbegin and lend initialization.
> 	(btrace_compute_ftrace_bts): Remove call to ftrace_update_lines.
> 	* record-btrace.c (btrace_compute_src_line_range): New.
> 	(btrace_call_history_src_line): Call btrace_compute_src_line_range.


Pedro Alves

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