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Re: [PATCH v3 6/9] Explicit locations: introduce explicit locations

Keith Seitz <> writes:
> This patch add support for explicit locations and switches many linespec
> locations to this new location type.  This patch also converts all
> linespec locations entered by the user to an explicit representation
> internally (thus bypassing the linespec parser when resetting the
> breakpoint).
> This patch does not introduce any user-visible changes.
> gdb/ChangeLog:
> 	* break-catch-throw.c (re_set_exception_catchpoint): Convert
> 	linespec into explicit location.
> 	* breakpoint.c (create_overlay_breakpoint): Likewise.
> 	(create_longjmp_master_breakpoint): Likewise.
> 	(create_std_terminate_master_breakpoint): Likewise.
> 	(create_exception_master_breakpoint): Likewise.
> 	(create_breakpoint): For pending explicit locations, append extra_string
> 	to the canonical representation.
> 	(update_static_tracepoint): Convert linespec into explicit location.
> 	(location_to_sals): Save the string representation of the location
> 	for pending locations which were resolved.
> 	* linespec.c (enum offset_relative_sign): Move to location.h.
> 	(struct line_offset): Likewise.
> 	(struct linespec) <expression, expr_pc, source_filename>
> 	<function_name, label_name, line_offset>: Replace with ...
> 	<explicit>: ... this.
> 	<is_linespec>: New member.
> 	(PARSER_EXPLICIT): New accessor macro.
> 	(undefined_label_error): New function.
> 	(source_file_not_found_error): New function.
> 	(linespec_parse_basic): The parser result is now an explicit location.
> 	Use PARSER_EXPLICIT to access it.
> 	Use undefined_label_error.
> 	(canonicalize_linespec): Convert canonical linespec into explicit
> 	location.
> 	Move string representation of location to explicit_location_to_linespec
> 	and use it and explicit_location_to_string to save string
> 	representations of the canonical location.
> 	(create_sals_line_offset): `ls' contains an explicit location.
> 	Update all references.
> 	(convert_linespec_to_sals): Likewise.
> 	(convert_explicit_location_to_sals): New function.
> 	(parse_linespec): Use PARSER_EXPLICIT to access the parser
> 	result's explicit location.
> 	(linespec_state_constructor): Initialize is_linespec.
> 	(linespec_parser_delete): Use PARSER_EXPLICIT to access the parser's
> 	result.
> 	(event_location_to_sals): For linespec locations, set is_linespec.
> 	Handle explicit locations.
> 	(decode_objc): 'ls' contains an explicit location now. Update all
> 	references.
> 	(symtabs_from_filename): Use source_file_not_found_error.
> 	* location.c (struct event_location.u) <explicit>: New member.
> 	(initialize_explicit_location): New function.
> 	(initialize_event_location): Initialize explicit locations.
> 	(new_explicit_location, get_explicit_location)
> 	(get_explicit_location_const): New functions.
> 	(explicit_to_string_internal): New function; most of contents moved
> 	from canonicalize_linespec.
> 	(explicit_location_to_string): New function.
> 	(explicit_location_to_linespec): New function.
> 	(copy_event_location): Handle explicit locations.
> 	(delete_event_location): Likewise.
> 	(event_location_to_string_const): Likewise.
> 	(event_location_empty_p): Likewise.
> 	* location.h (enum offset_relative_sign): Move here from linespec.h.
> 	(struct line_offset): Likewise.
> 	(enum event_location_type): Add EXPLICIT_LOCATION.
> 	(struct explicit_location): New structure.
> 	(explicit_location_to_string): Declare.
> 	(explicit_location_to_linespec): Declare.
> 	(new_explicit_location, get_explicit_locationp
> 	(get_explicit_location_const, initialize_explicit_location): Declare.


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