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Re: [PATCH v3 5/9] Explicit locations: introduce probe locations

Keith Seitz <> writes:
> This patch adds support for probe locations and converts existing
> probe linespec locations to the new location type.
> gdb/ChangeLog:
> 	* break-catch-throw.c (re_set_exception_catchpoint): Convert
> 	linespec for stap probe to probe location.
> 	* breakpoint.c (create_longjmp_master_breakpoint): Likewise.
> 	(create_exception_master_breakpoint): Likewise.
> 	(break_command_1): Remove local variable `arg_cp'.
> 	Check location type to set appropriate breakpoint ops methods.
> 	(trace_command): Likewise.
> 	* linespec.c (event_location_to_sals): Assert on probe locations.
> 	* location.c (EL_PROBE): Add macro definition.
> 	(new_probe_location, get_probe_location): New functions.
> 	(copy_event_location): Handle probe locations.
> 	(delete_event_location): Likewise.
> 	(event_location_to_string): Likewise.
> 	(string_to_event_location): Likewise.
> 	(event_location_empty_p): Likewise.
> 	* location.h (enum event_location_type): Add PROBE_LOCATION.
> 	(new_probe_location, get_probe_location): Declare.
> 	* probe.c (parse_probes): Assert that LOCATION is a probe location.
> 	Convert linespec into probe location.


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