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Re: [PATCH] Unbuffer stdout and stderr on windows

> Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 13:36:18 -0400
> From: Christopher Faylor <>
> I thought that "unbuffered" normally means something like "every output
> operation gets immediately sent as a block" rather than "flush
> after every character".

AFAIK, unbuffered always meant the latter.

> If the mingw "unbuffered" mode means that everything is o n e c h a
> r a c t e r a t a t i m e

It does mean that.  Doesn't it work like that in Cygwin?

> maybe this is just the way emacs itself works.

Emacs sits in a pselect call waiting for input, when input is
available, it reads it.  If input is available one character at a
time, it will be read in very small chunks.

> The other alternative would be to use line buffering for gdb.  I don't
> see why cygwin pipes (whether they are "ptys" or actual pipes) are a
> special case here.  stdout is usually line buffered isn't it?  Why not
> just force that behavior for gdb?

That's what I suggested, but Yao says that using line buffering still
fails some tests.

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