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Re: [PATCH 4/5] powerpc64-aix ptrace64 when defined.

> > When GDB is compiled in 64 BIT mode ptrace and ptracex calls are not
> > defined on AIX.
> > So, instead we check if ptrace64 is defined, if it is then we call that
> > instead of ptrace/x.
> >
> > Kindly review this. Thanks.
> I'm basically happy with the gdb_ptrace.h bit.  You could apply some
> of the advice about avoiding unecessary casts to rs600-nat.c

Hi Mark,
Removed the unnecessary casts from pid in rs6000-nat.c as well.
If it is Okay to commit, Ulrich, kindly find the Changelog and
attached patch below.

This patch changes so configure and should
be regenerated.
Changelog :-

* gdb_ptrace.h: Use ptrace64 instead of ptrace if HAVE_PTRACE64 is defined.
* rs6000-nat.c: Check for __ld_info64_ if compiling 64 BIT gdb.
(rs6000_ptrace32): Call ptrace64 instead of ptrace if present.
(rs6000_ptrace64): Call ptace64 instead of ptracex if present.
* Check for ptrace64.
* configure, Regenerate.

(See attached file: gdb-7.6-defptrace64.patch)

Raunaq M. Bathija

Attachment: gdb-7.6-defptrace64.patch
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