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Re: [PATCH] fix PR 15180 "May only run agent-printf on the target"

On 06/30/2013 04:17 PM, Hui Zhu wrote:
>> > If dprintf style is agent, then the target doesn't report events
>> > for such hits.  If we happen to see a trap reported for the
>> > same address as another breakpoint, the trap is surely not explained
>> > by the dprintf.  IOW, we shouldn't have a bpstat a dprintf w/ style
>> > agent at all.  What is need is to override the breakpoint_hit method
>> > of dprintf_breakpoint_ops to always return false for agent style dprintfs.
>> >
>> > Or maybe I'm missing something.  I have a hard time going from
>> > the bug description in the PR to the patch.
> OK.  I add dprintf_check_status in the new patch according to your comments.

But I suggested the breakpoint_ops->breakpoint_hit not breakpoint_ops->check_status.
An agent-style dprintf is just like a tracepoint.  It can't ever explain
a stop.  See tracepoint_breakpoint_hit.  If it didn't work, please explain why.

Pedro Alves

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