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Re: [PATCH v2] dynamic printf

>>>>> "Stan" == Stan Shebs <> writes:

Sorry about the delay on this.

Stan> +  /* Manufacture a printf/continue sequence.  */
Stan> +  if (printf_line)
Stan> +    {
Stan> +      struct command_line *printf_cmd_line, *cont_cmd_line = NULL;
Stan> +
Stan> +      cont_cmd_line = xmalloc (sizeof (struct command_line));
Stan> +      cont_cmd_line->control_type = simple_control;
Stan> +      cont_cmd_line->body_count = 0;
Stan> +      cont_cmd_line->body_list = NULL;
Stan> +      cont_cmd_line->next = NULL;
Stan> +      cont_cmd_line->line = xstrdup ("continue");
Stan> +
Stan> +      printf_cmd_line = xmalloc (sizeof (struct command_line));
Stan> +      printf_cmd_line->control_type = simple_control;
Stan> +      printf_cmd_line->body_count = 0;
Stan> +      printf_cmd_line->body_list = NULL;
Stan> +      printf_cmd_line->next = cont_cmd_line;
Stan> +      printf_cmd_line->line = printf_line;
Stan> +
Stan> +      breakpoint_set_commands (b, printf_cmd_line);

I thought this approach would break "next"ing over a dprintf location.

Stan> +void dprintf_command (char *arg, int from_tty);
Stan> +
Stan> +/* The dynamic printf command is mostly like a regular breakpoint, but
Stan> +   with a prewired command list consisting of a single output command,
Stan> +   built from extra arguments supplied on the dprintf command
Stan> +   line.  */
Stan> +
Stan> +void
Stan> +dprintf_command (char *arg, int from_tty)

I think this could be static.


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