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Re: [PATCH 4/9] agent doc

> From: Yao Qi <>
> Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 10:54:55 +0800
> Documentation bits.  Leave original contents of node "Agent Expressions" there, with
> some minor updates.  A new node "Agent" is added.


> +Agent expression will be used in many cases, such as the expressions used in tracepoints
> +for data collection, and expressions used in breakpoint condition evaluation.  The

Please always format the Texinfo sources with lines that don't exceed
80 characters, preferably even 72.

> +expressions may also denote registers and objects in memory---structures or arrays, for
> +example---whose values @value{GDBN} should record.  Originally, agent expressions are used
> +in @dfn{agent} (@pxref{Agent}), so they are called @dfn{Agent Expression}.

I would leave only the latter @dfn, there seems to be no need for the
former one, as you don't describe the agent in this section.

>                                                         Gradually,
> +they are used more widely, such as in remote stub.

I don't understand what you wanted to say in this sentence.  Does it
really add anything important?

> +The agent can interpret and execute @dfn{Agent Expressions}
> +(@pxref{Agent Expressions}) during performing debugging operations.  The

Again, this @dfn is not appropriate here, because this section does
not explain this term.

> +@menu
> +* Control Agent::               Turn agent on and off
> +@end menu
> +@node Control Agent
> +@section Turn Agent On And Off
> +
> +You can control whether the agent is used as an aid for debugging
> +with the following commands:
> +
> +@table @code
> +@item set agent on

@kindex is missing here.  All commands should be indexed.

> +Causes the agent to perform some operations on behalf of the
> +debugger.  Just which operations requested by the user will be done
> +by the agent depends on the agent's capabilities.  For example, if
> +you request to evaluate breakpoint conditions in the agent, and the
> +agent has such capability as well, then breakpoint conditions will be
> +evaluated in the agent.
> +
> +@item set agent off
> +Disables execution of debugging operations by the agent.  All of the
> +operations will be performed by @value{GDBN}.
> +@end table

Don't we also have "show agent"?

Anyway, full section for just 2 commands seems like a waste of a
section.  Why not make it part of its parent chapter.

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