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Re: [PATCH] [SH] Prologue skipping if there is none

Hey Thomas,

On 02/15/2012 01:51 PM, Thomas Schwinge wrote:

> First, for SH GNU/Linux, when running the testsuite via gdbserver on
> pristine sources, I'm getting a large number of ERRORs, in the 350s.  Is
> that normal or at least known?  They're basically all of the kind
> ``ERROR: Process no longer exists'', and then follow-up errors until the
> end of the specific testcase.  From a very quick glance, they all seem to
> be happening after the testcase has instructed GDB to invoke a function,
> such as:
>     (gdb) PASS: gdb.cp/classes.exp: print g_D.p
>     call class_param.Aptr_a (&g_A)
>     ERROR: Process no longer exists
>     UNRESOLVED: gdb.cp/classes.exp: call class_param.Aptr_a (&g_A)
>     ERROR: Couldn't send call class_param.Aptr_x (&g_A) to GDB.
> This probably suggests where to begin looking unless that's know already.

This means that GDB crashed.  Just run the test with

 $ ulimit -c unlimited
 $ make check RUNTESTFLAGS="classes.exp"

so that the crash ends up creating a core, and you'll probably find that
all the ERRORs are caused by a single bug.

Pedro Alves

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