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Re: [PATCH] Enable count for breakpoints

On 2/10/12 10:29 AM, Tom Tromey wrote:
"Stan" == Stan Shebs<> writes:
Stan>  This patch implements a request from Ericsson GDB users, to generalize
Stan>  "enable once" so that breakpoints can be disabled after a given number
Stan>  of hits instead of the first one.

I looked at the patch and it all looked fine to me.

I wondered what happened if a user did 'enable once 500' and 'ignore
500' for the same breakpoint.  From reading the code, I think 'ignore'
takes precedence (first the ignores are done, then the enable once is
handled).  I think this should either be documented, or one setting
should zero out the other.

Yes, ignore takes precedence. Thinking through the permutations, I think the two counts should remain decoupled, otherwise the user ends up trying to second-guess GDB's arithmetic. Looking at "info break" output though, it looks like I should fine-tune the wording (and tweak the manual) to make it clear that's what is going on.


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