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Re: [rfa/rfc] Build libcommon.a for gdb and gdbserver

Tom> I think gdb/configure is already pretty messy.  It is more than 2000
Tom> lines of code.  A few more for gdbserver aren't going to hurt much, IMO.

Pedro> As I said before, gdbserver is buildable without building gdb, even
Pedro> for targets that can't build gdb.  How would you make it work?

I mentioned a couple ways upthread, but I think it doesn't matter any

Pedro> Many of the core structures and defines aren't shared yet between
Pedro> gdb and gdbserver.  gdb has defs.h, and gdbserver has server.h.
Pedro> Ideally we'd pull the really common stuff into some header
Pedro> under common/.  As is, there are incompatibilities.  Take a 
Pedro> look at the top of common/signals.c, for example.

Pedro> This is one of the reasons that I want to forbit gdb/common/ files
Pedro> from including things from gdb/.  For the local patches we 
Pedro> have that move stuff into gdb/common/ (independent effort from
Pedro> Yao's), we added an #ifdef GDBSERVER then #error in gdb/defs.h
Pedro> to catch that at compile time.

Pedro> (Before Yao came along, my plan was to clean up these
Pedro> header issues before considering building a common library.)

I understand now, thanks.

I am still not super fond of this, but seeing as I have no better idea,
I think you should go ahead.  It will definitely be an improvement.


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