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Re: [PATCH] skip break-entry.exp when using a stub

On Friday 29 October 2010 20:20:40, Nathan Froyd wrote:
> This patch skips gdb.base/break-entry.exp when using a stub.
> prepare_for_testing already stopped the program at its entry, so the
> test will not work correctly.

This is okay, but I think the comment below could use
some clarification/expansion.

> +# If we're using a stub, we'll already be stopped at the entry point
> +# when we connect.  Don't bother trying to work around this in the
> +# testing below.

What do you think of something like this alternative:

# If we're using a stub, we'll already be debugging a live
# program and stopped at the entry point when we connect,
# and so runto below will issue a "continue", which always
# skips any breakpoint at PC.  When testing with a native
# target (or some other target that supports "run"), runto
# will do a "run", which 1. creates the process, leaving
# the PC at the entry point, just like the stub case, but then
# continues the process with the equivalent of "jump *$PC", which
# triggers any breakpoint at $PC.  The latter is what we want
# to test.

?  (may need copy&editing)

Pedro Alves

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