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Re: [patch] initial OpenCL C language support

>>>>> "Ken" == Ken Werner <> writes:

Ken> This patch implements initial GDB support for the OpenCL C
Ken> Programming Language. Since OpenCL is based on C99 I tried to reuse
Ken> GDBs C infrastructure where possible (expression parser, printing
Ken> routines, etc).

I have been skimming this patch a bit and I think it is very good.

I don't have time to fully review it right now, as I'm at the GCC
Summit.  But I did notice one thing:

Ken> +/* Expression evaluator for the OpenCL.  Most operations are delegated to
Ken> +   evaluate_subexp_standard; see that function for a description of the
Ken> +   arguments.  */
Ken> +static struct value *
Ken> +evaluate_subexp_opencl (struct type *expect_type, struct expression *exp,
Ken> +		   int *pos, enum noside noside)
Ken> +  return evaluate_subexp_standard (expect_type, exp, pos, noside);

I think this ought to call the C-specific evaluate_subexp_c.
You'll need to at least make this non-static, maybe even rename it.

I believe that without this some forms of string constants will not work


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