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Re: [patch 1/2] Overload resolution among children of a common ancestor

>>>>> "Sami" == sami wagiaalla <> writes:

Sami> This patch introduces a rank struct to be used instead of the int that
Sami> is normally used to represent the rank of a conversion.


I have a few nits to pick but nothing serious.

Sami> +/* Return the sum of the rank of A with the rank of B.  */
Sami> +struct rank

Blank line between comment and start of function.

Sami> +/* Compare rank A and B and return:
Sami> +   0 if a = b
Sami> +   1 if a is better than b
Sami> +  -1 if b is better than a.  */
Sami> +int
Sami> +compare_ranks (struct rank a, struct rank b)


Sami> -  LENGTH_MATCH (bv) = (nargs != nparms) ? LENGTH_MISMATCH_BADNESS : 0;

I think this needs a line break.

Sami>  /* Badness if parameter list length doesn't match arg list length */
Sami> -#define LENGTH_MISMATCH_BADNESS      100
Sami> +static const struct rank LENGTH_MISMATCH_BADNESS = {100};

Instead of defining a static instance in the header, define a single
instance with a different (not upper-case) name in a .c file, put an
extern declaration in the header, and then make the #define refer to it.


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