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Re: Fix in data-directory

On 10/22/2010 05:05 AM, Doug Evans wrote:
On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 10:11 PM, Jie Zhang<> wrote:
Reasonable although I never used it before. This is an updated patch which
does that. It fixes it by passing FLAGS_TO_PASS when recursively make
install-only. It fixes my issue. I also tested by touching a source file and
do "make -j4 install" in gdb directory. It behaves as expected. OK now?

Thanks for persevering.

The patch is fine with me, though there is one obvious improvement.
It could be left for another pass.

FLAGS_TO_PASS is big, and there are now multiple copies of it.
IWBN if there were only one copy.
I wonder how much duplication there is in the makefiles, and if a
Makefile.common is reasonable.  It could be pasted in by configure.
[I realize gdbserver has its own configure, but it could, I think,
still use the same Makefile.common.]
I'm not sure it's warranted just for FLAGS_TO_PASS, so it could be
left for another day.

Feel free to check this in as is if you prefer.

Committed now. Thanks.

Jie Zhang

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