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Re: [doc RFA] Clean up coding standards, add python coding standards.

> Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 08:53:10 -0700 (PDT)
> From: (Doug Evans)
> I think it is wrong that a discussion of cleanups appears in the same
> chapter as coding standards.  Ditto for a few other subsections
> in the existing Coding chapter.
> This patch creates a new Coding Standards chapter to put such things in,
> and I've added a section on Python coding standards.


> I'm not happy with the name "Miscellaneous Coding Guidelines" but it
> works well enough for me.  Feel free to suggest an alternatives.

"Misc Guidelines"?  In general, node names should be short, because
they are displayed on the mode line and header line of the Info
readers, where space is at premium.  (Section names, OTOH, can be

> Ok to check in?

Could you tell me if you made any changes in the "Internal Error
Handling" part, or just moved it without any changes?  If you just
moved it, I won't need to review that part.

> -* Coding::
> +* Miscellaneous Coding Guidelines::
> +* Coding Standards::

I think "Coding Standards" should be before the new "Misc" section.

> +@value{GDBN} follows the published @code{Python} coding standards in
> +@code{PEP008}.
> +See @uref{, PEP008}.

This is suboptimal usage of @uref.  I suggest this instead:

  @value{GDBN} follows the published @code{Python} coding standards in
  @uref{, @code{PEP008}}.

> +In addition, the Google standards are also followed where they do not
> +conflict with @code{PEP008}.
> +See @uref{,
> +Google Python Style Guide}.

Same here:

  In addition, the guidelines in the
  Google Python Style Guide} are also followed where they do not
  conflict with @code{PEP008}.

Okay with those changes (assuming that the "Internal Error Handling"
stuff was moved without any change).

Thanks for taking care of this.

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