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Re: [RFA] New python module gdb.types

On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 2:14 AM, Eli Zaretskii <> wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 15:18:45 -0700
>> From: Doug Evans <>
>> Cc:
>> Return @var{type} with const and volatile qualifiers stripped,
>> and with typedefs and references converted to the underlying type.
> If the conversion of typedefs is recursive, then I think "to the
> underlying primitive data type" is more accurate.
> This takes care of typedefs. ?I'm still unclear regarding the
> "references" part. ?What does it mean? removing the "pointer to" part,
> like in "int *" -> "int"?
> I still maintain that examples go a long way towards explaining such
> abstract descriptions.
>> >> +@item make_enum_dict (@var{enum_type})
>> >> +Return a dictionary made from @var{enum_type}.
>> >
>> > Same here: at the very least we should say what is a "dictionary" in
>> > this context.
>> The context is python and in the python context "dictionary" is quite
>> specific, it's a builtin type.
> Well, you used it as a simple word, which makes it hard to guess to
> someone like me, for whom Python is a read-only language.
>> What if it said the following instead?
>> Return a python dictionary made from @var{enum_type}.
> How about
> ?Return a Python @code{dictionary} type produced from @var{enum_type}.

How about this?

2010-10-13  Doug Evans  <>

        New python module gdb.types.
        * NEWS: Document it.
        * data-directory/ (PYTHON_FILES): Add gdb/
        * python/lib/gdb/ New file.

        * lib/gdb-python.exp (gdb_check_python_config): New function.
        * gdb.python/ (EXECUTABLES): Add lib-types.
        * gdb.python/ New file.
        * gdb.python/lib-types.exp: New file.

        * gdb.texinfo (Python): Add "Python modules".
        (Types in Python): Add reference to gdb.types section.
        (Python modules): New node.

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