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Re: [MI][patch] broken -target-detach

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Khouzam <> writes:

I'm sorry about the delay.

I recommend pinging your patches weekly.

Marc> Using the --thread-group flag (alike -thread and --frame) tells the MI
Marc> command to focus on the thread-group specified and then execute the
Marc> command.  

It seems reasonable to me.

Marc> +         /* We are not dealing with a pid.  Check for group id */
Marc> +         if (*(argv[0]) != 'i')
Marc> +           error (_("Invalid pid or thread-group id '%s'"), argv[0]);
Marc> +
Marc> +         id = strtoul (argv[0] + 1, &end, 0);
Marc> +         if (*end != '\0')
Marc> +           error (_("Invalid syntax of group id '%s'"), argv[0]);

This code is duplicated in various spots in MI.  Seems ugly -- but not
your problem.

I think this patch looks good.  It needs a ChangeLog entry.  A test case
would be nice to have.

I think it would be better for Volodya to review it, since he is the MI
maintainer.  If he doesn't review it within a week or so, please ping it
and I will approve it.


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