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Re: [RFA] New python module gdb.types

> Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 15:18:45 -0700
> From: Doug Evans <>
> Cc:
> Return @var{type} with const and volatile qualifiers stripped,
> and with typedefs and references converted to the underlying type.

If the conversion of typedefs is recursive, then I think "to the
underlying primitive data type" is more accurate.

This takes care of typedefs.  I'm still unclear regarding the
"references" part.  What does it mean? removing the "pointer to" part,
like in "int *" -> "int"?

I still maintain that examples go a long way towards explaining such
abstract descriptions.

> >> +@item make_enum_dict (@var{enum_type})
> >> +Return a dictionary made from @var{enum_type}.
> >
> > Same here: at the very least we should say what is a "dictionary" in
> > this context.
> The context is python and in the python context "dictionary" is quite
> specific, it's a builtin type.

Well, you used it as a simple word, which makes it hard to guess to
someone like me, for whom Python is a read-only language.

> What if it said the following instead?
> Return a python dictionary made from @var{enum_type}.

How about

  Return a Python @code{dictionary} type produced from @var{enum_type}.

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