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Re: [commit] Correct dict_hash to our most recent version.

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Hilfinger <<>, ":"> writes:

Paul> Sigh.  I must stop working late at night.  I have corrected my last
Paul> checkin of dictionary.c:dict_hash to include the code that the
Paul> comments in my commit message was actually discussing (deferring to
Paul> msymbol_hash_iw in a few more cases to avoid some nasty hash
Paul> collisions).  While I should ask for another round of approval
Paul> technically, for expendience I'm going to go out on a limb and check
Paul> this in now, since it passes the testsuite, isn't likely to provoke
Paul> a violent reaction, given that my first version didn't, and is easily 
Paul> undone in any case.

My 2 cents.

I think what you did is fine in this situation.
This patch is bordering on the obvious boundary, at least given that you
were just working in this exact area.

It is also ok to just ask for a review.  I personally don't mind the
occasional breakage -- we all make mistakes, and while I sometimes panic
when I check in a bug, I also know there's really no need, so long as
that wasn't the last commit before a release :-)


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