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Re: Python coding style

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 3:25 PM, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
> Doug> Can we, at least as a first pass, adopt this?
> Doug>
> It is ok with me. ?I read through it and I thought it seemed reasonable
> enough.
> Can you say how it compares to PEP 8?
> ? ?
> They seemed basically compatible to me, but I only spent a few minutes
> with each.

AIUI there are a few incompatibilities.
e.g. pep says importing functions is ok, google style guide says only
import packages/modules.
I'm by no means an expert.

I think Google's guide specifies more, and specifies the reasons more.
We *could* reference both, and a blanket statement that X wins when
there's a conflict.
And then provide a supplement for gdb-specifics.
Easier than writing our own from scratch.

> Since you are more familiar with it, would you mind doing a little extra
> review for changes to .py files for a while? ?Some of the rules are
> different enough from GNU C that it will take some getting used to;
> e.g., the hanging indentation rule.

If you wish.

> A couple specific exceptions:
> * We shouldn't use the #!/usr/bin/env thing

For my own education, why not?
[So I can document it in the style guide.]

> * We should use FIXME instead of TODO, as the former is already gdb
> ?practice


> Phil> My deeply biased and very personal ideology her e is if how emacs
> Phil> handles it.
> The defaults are mostly ok. ?You'll need to set indent-tabs-mode to nil
> in these buffers (though even this happens automatically with the
> default settings).

We should provide an emacs py mode that specifies our style.

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