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Re: [RFA] Rework symbol searches to move Ada-specific stuff to ada-lang.c.

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Hilfinger <> writes:

Paul> Having added this general routine to psymtab.c, we use it in ada-lang.c
Paul> to rework add_non_local_symbols (now renamed add_nonlocal_symbols).

I don't think I should approve the ada-specific changes -- and I was
wrong to do so in my last review, I'll send a follow-up.

The psymtab / symfile / dwarf2read changes seem fine though.  I have a
few little nits.

Paul> +dw2_map_matching_symbols (const char* name, domain_enum namespace,

"const char *name"

Paul>  /* Lookup a partial symbol.  */
Paul> +static struct partial_symbol *match_partial_symbol (struct partial_symtab *,
Paul> +						    int,
Paul> +						    const char *, domain_enum,
Paul> +						    int (*) (const char *,
Paul> +							     const char *),
Paul> +						    int (*) (const char *,
Paul> +							     const char *));
Paul> +
Paul> +
Paul>  static struct partial_symbol *lookup_partial_symbol (struct partial_symtab *,

This insertion separates a comment from the declaration it comments.

I think it is fine to just remove that comment, though.  It doesn't
really add anything.

Paul> +/* Look in PST for a symbol in DOMAIN whose name matches NAME.  Search
Paul> +   the global block of PST if GLOBAL, and otherwise the static block.
Paul> +   MATCH is the comparison operation that returns true iff MATCH (s,
Paul> +   NAME), where s is a SYMBOL_SEARCH_NAME.  If ORDERED_COMPARE is
Paul> +   non-null, the symbols in the block are assumed to be ordered
Paul> +   according to it (allowing binary search).  It must be compatible
Paul> +   with MATCH.  Returns the symbol, if found, and otherwise NULL.  */
Paul> +static struct partial_symbol *
Paul> +match_partial_symbol (struct partial_symtab *pst, int global,

We've recently started trying to enforce the rule about having a blank
line between a function comment and the start of the function

Paul> +	    return (*top);

A few places have parens here, but they aren't needed.
Just write "return *top;".

Paul> +  /* Find global or static symbols in all tables that are in NAMESPACE 
Paul> +     and for which MATCH (symbol name, NAME) == 0, passing each to 
Paul> +     CALLBACK, reading in partial symbol symbol tables as needed.  Look
Paul> +     through global symbols if GLOBAL and otherwise static symbols.  
Paul> +     Passes NAME, NAMESPACE, and DATA to CALLBACK with each symbol
Paul> +     found.  After each block is processed, passes NULL to CALLBACK.
Paul> +     MATCH must be weaker than strcmp_iw in the sense that
Paul> +     strcmp_iw(x,y) == 0 --> MATCH(x,y) == 0.  ORDERED_COMPARE, if
Paul> +     non-null, must be an ordering relation compatible with strcmp_iw
Paul> +     in the sense that  
Paul> +            strcmp(x,y) == 0 --> ORDERED_COMPARE(x,y) == 0 
Paul> +     and 
Paul> +            strcmp(x,y) <= 0 --> ORDERED_COMPARE(x,y) <= 0
Paul> +     (allowing strcmp(x,y) < 0 while ORDERED_COMPARE(x, y) == 0). 
Paul> +     CALLBACK returns 0 to indicate that the scan should continue, or
Paul> +     non-zero to indicate that the scan should be terminated.  */

Thanks for being so thorough in this comment.


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