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Re: [RFA] New python module gdb.types

> Date: Wed,  6 Oct 2010 13:44:34 -0700 (PDT)
> From: (Doug Evans)
> This patch adds a new python module to gdb, gdb.types.
> It contains a small collection of utilities that I've been using.


> +  ** Module gdb.types has been added.
> +     It contains a collection of utilities for working with gdb.Types objects:
> +     get_basic_type, has_field, make_enum_dict.

This part is okay.

> +@cindex Python modules

Index entries should use lower-case letters only (to avoid problems
with sorting them in certain locales).

> +@item get_basic_type (@var{type})
> +Return @var{type} with const and volatile qualifiers, typedefs,
> +and references stripped away.

This is quite cryptic.  I can understand what it means to remove
const, volatile, etc. qualifiers (what about `static', btw?), but what
does it mean to "strip" a typedef or a reference?  At the very least
please give a few examples, if this cannot be explained easily.

> +@item make_enum_dict (@var{enum_type})
> +Return a dictionary made from @var{enum_type}.

Same here: at the very least we should say what is a "dictionary" in
this context.

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