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Re: [patch] const array types

Ken Werner wrote:

> +      return set_die_type (die, base_type, cu);;

Extra semicolon.

>      local_compiler_xfail_check
> +    gdb_test "ptype logical" "type = const char \\\[2\\\]"
> +    gdb_test "ptype lugged" "type = const unsigned char \\\[2\\\]"
> +    gdb_test "ptype luck" "type = const short( int)? \\\[2\\\]"
> +    gdb_test "ptype lunar" "type = const (unsigned short|short unsigned)( int)? \\\[2\\\]"
> +    gdb_test "ptype lumen" "type = const long( int)? \\\[2\\\]"
> +    gdb_test "ptype lurk" "type = const (unsigned long|long unsigned)( int)? \\\[2\\\]"
> +    gdb_test "ptype lush" "type = const float \\\[2\\\]"
> +    gdb_test "ptype lynx" "type = const double \\\[2\\\]"

Do we need the local_compiler_xfail_check for these tests?  If so, we'd need
it before each of the tests; if not, we don't need it at all ...

Otherwise, this patch looks good to me.

Joel, if I followed the discussion correctly, you still had some concerns;
have they been resolved now?


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU Toolchain for Linux on System z and Cell BE

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