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Re: [patch] Memory leak fixes


> Please see fixes for memory leaks.  My testing for these has been
> limited to just making sure things work for my day-to-day use. Thanks,

First and foremost, thanks a lot for your submissions. A couple
of things, however, mostly procedural, I'm afraid:

  1. Your contributions are reaching a point where we can no longer
     take them under the `tiny change' rule.  The rule of thumb is
     around 15 lines, and you are well beyond that.  So, for us to
     continue incorporating your changes, we'll need a copyright
     assignment on file.

     I can get you started on the paperwork, if you would agree to
     assigning your GDB changes to the FSF.

  2. Changes in bfd should be sent as a separate patch to binutils.
     Please see the binutils/MAINTAINERS file for more details.

  3. Changes in GDB should be submitted following a procedure that
     is documented in gdb/CONTRIBUTE.  You're almost complient,
     but you're missing at least the ChangeLog entry.  Also, we
     really appreciate if you can run the testsuite before submitting
     the change.  Running the testsuite before and after your patch
     should not reveal any regression.


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