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[PATCH] More NEWS for 7.2

This patch adds notes for overlooked user-visible changes in 7.2. The diff is for the 7.2 branch, but I'll paste into trunk as well, once any wording glitches have been sorted out. Please don't make me define all the terms. :-)


2010-08-18 Stan Shebs <>

* NEWS: Mention some additional changes.

Index: NEWS
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/NEWS,v
retrieving revision 1.390.2.3
diff -p -r1.390.2.3 NEWS
*** NEWS	27 Jul 2010 20:14:23 -0000	1.390.2.3
--- NEWS	19 Aug 2010 01:44:27 -0000
*** 75,80 ****
--- 75,100 ----
    remote packets have been defined to support static tracepoints, see
    the "New remote packets" section below.
+ * Better reconstruction of tracepoints after disconnected tracing
+   GDB will attempt to download the original source form of tracepoint
+   definitions when starting a trace run, and then will upload these
+   upon reconnection to the target, resulting in a more accurate
+   reconstruction of the tracepoints that are in use on the target.
+ * Observer mode
+   You can now exercise direct control over the ways that GDB can
+   affect your program.  For instance, you can disallow the setting of
+   breakpoints, so that the program can run continuously (assuming
+   non-stop mode).  In addition, the "observer" variable is available
+   to switch all of the different controls; in observer mode, GDB
+   cannot affect the target's behavior at all, which is useful for
+   tasks like diagnosing live systems in the field.
+ * The new convenience variable $_thread holds the number of the
+   current thread.
  * New remote packets
*************** qXfer:statictrace:read
*** 105,110 ****
--- 125,139 ----
    tracepoint action).  The remote stub reports support for this packet
    to gdb's qSupported query.
+ QAllow
+   Send the current settings of GDB's permission flags.
+ QTDPsrc
+   Send part of the source (textual) form of a tracepoint definition,
+   which includes location, conditional, and action list.
  * The source command now accepts a -s option to force searching for the
    script in the source search path even if the script name specifies
    a directory.
*************** strace FN | FILE:LINE | *ADDR | -m MARKE
*** 190,195 ****
--- 219,243 ----
    Define a static tracepoint by probing a marker at the given
    function, line, address, or marker ID.
+ set observer on|off
+ show observer
+   Enable and disable observer mode.
+ set may-write-registers on|off
+ set may-write-memory on|off
+ set may-insert-breakpoints on|off
+ set may-insert-tracepoints on|off
+ set may-insert-fast-tracepoints on|off
+ set may-interrupt on|off
+   Set individual permissions for different kinds of GDB effects on the
+   target.  Note that some of these settings can have undesirable or
+   surprising consequences.
+ set record memory-query on|off
+ show record memory-query
+   Control whether to the stop the inferior if memory changes caused
+   by an instruction cannot be recorded.
  * Changed commands

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