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Re: [RFA] Delayed physname computation

I'm attaching the revised version of this patch, which implements your requests. I am also attaching a related patch (more below).

On 04/26/2010 11:38 AM, Tom Tromey wrote:
"Keith" == Keith Seitz<> writes:

Keith> Yeah, I wasn't 100% sure whether this needed a cleanup, Keith> either. Nonetheless, we have two options, catch any errors (which I Keith> think was suggested in another thread for a different problem) or add Keith> a cleanup. A little paranoia can't hurt that much. If you have a Keith> preference, I'll implement that.

One of us can handle it in a followup patch.

I've added a cleanup for this.

Can this call to dwarf2_physname exhibit the problem that this patch is
trying to circumvent?

Keith> Unfortunately, it very well could. I guess it would be almost as Keith> useful if this called dwarf2_fullname instead. What do you think?

Yeah.  I think it is important for the error case not to crash.
Printing something useful is good, maybe even the CU+DIE would be

I've change this to call dwarf2_full_name, which should tell us everything except any overload information -- more than enough, IMO, for a developer to track down the underlying cause.

Now for the "new" part. Fedora testing has revealed a problem with the optimization that this delayed physname patch uses (allocating all the memory at once instead of piecemeal). The assert in add_to_method_list could be triggered.

This was happening because, for some code, like that below, gdb would call dwarf2_full_name (and determine_prefix) while reading in a specific DIE, which would then eventually try to read in the same DIE's type. This resulted in add_to_method_list being called twice for the same DIE and gdb would assert.

Here's an example that exhibits this "problem" (which I dub an obstack "leak" because we might end up attempting to allocate/assign two different struct type's for the same DIE):

class a
  class b
    b () { }

  std::vector<b> list;

If you put a printf in set_die_type, you'll see that this function is called twice (with different type structs) for the same DIE.

Since there is no way to detect/trigger this in gdb without the delayed physname patch, there seems little point IMO in testing specifically for this. However it would be trivial for me to write up a testcase for this. Just say the word.


ChangeLog (for the obstack leak patch)
2010-05-11  Keith Seitz  <>

        * dwarf2read.c (read_structure_type): Check if the current
        DIE's type was already completed after dwarf2_full_name
        was called.

Attachment: delayed_physnames-2.patch
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Attachment: obstack-leak.patch
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