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Re: [patch 3/3] bpstat_what removal

On Friday 07 May 2010 17:33:18, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> This is one of the reasons of my patch.  This was/is the problem of PR 9436
> that BPSTAT_WHAT_CHECK_SHLIBS overrides other breakpoint types.
> If these actions will no longer be executed immediately in infrun.c there will
> have to be more boolean perform_* flags to specify delayed execution of
> actions depending on the bp_* types.  There is now only perform_shlib (for
> former BPSTAT_WHAT_CHECK_SHLIBS) but there will be also perform_jit (and for
> ifunc or next-over-throw more such flags).  stepping_over_breakpoint setting
> may need more abstraction or also just another
> perform_stepping_over_breakpoint flag, not sure now.

(assume I mean both shlib events and jit events below)

Why does infrun have to know about checking solib events at
all?  Checking for new loaded solibs looks like a detail of this
internal breakpoint.  There's not much of inferior run control
related to it.  It would seem to me that breakpoint.c could handle
it instead; for example, II have a feeling it should be possible to add
a new breakpoint_ops for shlib_events, similar to the "catch catch"
implementation.  And with enough breakpoint_ops abstraction we could
even get rid of the shlib_event breakpoint type, and move the whole
shlib breakpoint definition to solib.c, like ada-lang.c handles
its catchpoints.  

Pedro Alves

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