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Re: [commit/Ada] Update comment on how to "fix" dynamic entities

> Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 17:52:12 -0800
> From: Joel Brobecker <>
> This is a pure documentation that we have had in our tree for a while,
> and I had meant to contribute it ealier, but forgot. Hopefully, it helps
> understanding the whole decoding thing a little more - it's really
> complex, sometimes.
> 2009-11-26  Joel Brobecker  <>
>         * ada-lang.c: Update the comment explaining how to evaluate
>         Ada expressions.

Why on Earth is this only in the sources?  It cannot be found there
easily, unless I already know it's there.

How about placing a copy of this in gdbint.texinfo, where it could be
indexed, cross-referenced, etc.?

> +    Arrays are a little simpler to handle than records, because the same
> +    amount of memory is allocated for each element of the array, even if
> +    the amount of space actually used by each element changes from element
> +    to element.                                       ^^^^^^^

"differs", not "changes".  "Change" is a dynamic thing, meaning it can
change on the fly, and I don't believe you mean that.

> +    The actual amount of memory occupied by each element might change
"differ" or "be different".

> +    But the amount of space reserved for each element in the array remains
> +    constant regardless.  So we simply need to compute that size using
Suggest to use "fixed" instead.

> +    In some cases, the size of allocated for each element is statically
That "of" looks like it need to be removed.


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