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Re: [RFA] 4/4 dwarf2_physname - tests

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 01:27:22PM -0800, Keith Seitz wrote:
> Hi,
> This last patch modifies gdb's C++ testsuite to update it for
> canonicalization, single-quoting (lack thereof), and some other
> miscellaneous fixes/tweaks necessary to get the tests passing with
> dwarf2_physname.
> In many cases, the tests were refined to disallow false positives.
> [Apparently gdb's testsuite has "worked around" naming problems by
> only checking a portion of names. This lead, for example, some info
> func tests to pass on output of "void void sometemplate<...>();"
> [ctors and dtors were also especially neglected: "void foo (...)"
> should NEVER have been a valid PASS for "foo::foo(...)".

These look fine... I'd like to define at least a little bit
of a test matrix first though.  What compiler versions did you use for
testing, and did you try anything besides dwarf2?

Our stabs C++ support isn't well cared-for but some platforms (hi
Joel!) still use it; I'd like to at least know if we're breaking it

Daniel Jacobowitz

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