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Re: [commit] precord watchpoint tests

> +# FIXME 'set exec-dir' command should give some output so we can test.
> +gdb_test "set exec-direction forward" "" "set forward"

This is really a minor comment, so feel free to ignore. IMO, I don't
necessarily think that "set exec-dir" should produce some output
(that is not consistent with quite a few of our "set ..." commands),
particularly if the sole purpose of that output is to allow the
testsuite to verify that the command worked.  If testing is the only
point of output, then perhaps you should consider using gdb_test_multiple.
I am not 100% sure, but I think that this routine will allow you to test
that the command produced exactly no output.

It would be nice if we could just address the issue right now and be
done with it, rather than keeping duplicating FIXMEs like this.  Either
way - whether we decide to add some output or not, taking care of the
FIXME shouldn't be too time consuming... (assuming gdb_test_multiple
works as I think it does).


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