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[RFA] 4/4 dwarf2_physname - tests


This last patch modifies gdb's C++ testsuite to update it for canonicalization, single-quoting (lack thereof), and some other miscellaneous fixes/tweaks necessary to get the tests passing with dwarf2_physname.

In many cases, the tests were refined to disallow false positives. [Apparently gdb's testsuite has "worked around" naming problems by only checking a portion of names. This lead, for example, some info func tests to pass on output of "void void sometemplate<...>();" [ctors and dtors were also especially neglected: "void foo (...)" should NEVER have been a valid PASS for "foo::foo(...)".


2009-11-20  Keith Seitz  <>

        * gdb.cp/cp-relocate.exp: Remove single-quoting of C++ methods.
        * gdb.cp/ (dm_type_short): New function.
        (dm_type_long): New function.
        (dm_type_unsigned_short): New function.
        (dm_type_unsigned_long): New function.
        (myint): New typedef.
        * gdb.cp/cplusfuncs.exp (probe_demangler): Add tests for short,
        long, unsigned shor and long, operator char*, and typedef.
        (test_lookup_operator_functions): Add operator char* test.
        (test_paddr_operator_functions): Likewise.
        (test_paddr_overloaded_functions): Use probe values for
        short, long, and unsigned short and long.
        (test_paddr_hairy_functions): If the demangler probe detected
        gdb type printers, "expect" them. Otherwise "expect" the v2 or v3
        * gdb.cp/expand-sals.exp: Backtrace may contain class names.
        * gdb.cp/member-ptr.exp: Refine expected result for "print pmf"
        and "print null_pmf".
        Add test "ptype a.*pmf".
        * gdb.cp/overload.exp: Allow optional "int" to appear with
        "short" and "long".
        * gdb.cp/ovldbreak.exp: Use append to construct super-duper
        long expect value for men_overload1arg.
        Allow "int" to appear with "short" and "long".
        When testing "info break", add argument for main (void).
        Also allow "int" to appear with "short" and "long".
        Ditto with "unsigned" and "long long".

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