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[patch 0/4] Fix hw watchpoints #2


this is a repost of:
	[patch 0/4] Fix hw watchpoints

The mapping of patches:
August 1/4 -> 1/4
August 2/4 -> 2/4 - the add-on part is now separate, the add-on was:
           -> 3/4
August 3/4 -> already accepted in FSF GDB
August 4/4 -> 4/4

There was a discussion about changing the target vector (API) where some form
of such change was posted as:
It was also later discussed at:
	[RFC] design question re: watchpoint target methods
But according to the discussion with Joel Brobecker this API change is now
dropped/postponed and this hw-watchpoints post #2 uses the current HEAD target
vector (API).

Regression tested on {x86_64,x86_64-m32,i686}-fedora12-linux-gnu.


hw watchpoints currently have multiple issues for various corner cases, such
as false hits, hits shown by SIGTRAP with no watchpoint printed, crashing
forked processes, hanging fork etc.

While the non-stop mode was regression tested by the GDB testsuite I did not
consider much how the changes affect it.


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