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Re: Remove m68k-elf special cases from gdb.trace

Pedro Alves wrote:
On Tuesday 03 November 2009 18:39:42, Stan Shebs wrote:
Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
Our tree has carried around (an older version of) this patch for some

Once upon a distant past, when tracepoint support was first added, GDB
supported some sort of EMC device (probably a NAS or similar?) with an
m68k processor. It was a bit different from other GDB targets and the
main interest was tracepoints rather than full debugging. So bits
sprang up in the testsuite to accomodate this device.
WP has some background at .

Ironically, the original tracepoint project was motivated by EMC's
PowerPC transition - the 68k bits were just for testing in the meantime.
(IIRC EMC never used GDB for 68k-target debugging at all!) So there's
nothing lost by ditching those bits, and it will clear the field for
updating to modern setup.

gdb/agentexpr.texi has section "Tracing on Symmetrix" that I
think should be dropped as well.
Agreed. It's an interesting historical tidbit, but historians can go dig up an old rev if they really want to research it.


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