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Re: [PATCH] gcore registers storing fix

Hi Michael,

Michael Snyder wrote:
Daniel Gutson wrote:
The attached patch attempts to solve a bug that caused the gcore command to produce core files containing incorrect registers information. The problem caused incomplete backtraces when the files were read back into GDB.

I tested this patch with the gdb testsuite, and my addition to the gcore-thread.exp test case.

If OK, please commit it for me since I don't have write access.

What host configuration is this for?

native gdb: solaris-sparc

At first glance, the procfs change looks ok (but I'm no longer up to date on procfs). I have some doubt about the test change.

You say in your comment, "The threads should be standing at a
known function, rather than ??".  I'm not sure how we can know
that.  The threads may have been stopped anywhere, and it's
always possible to find a library with no symbols.

What would you suggest? I could bound the check to the current frame.

Thanks for reviewing,

Daniel Gutson

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