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Re: [testsuite] check for languages consistently

Joel Brobecker wrote:
2009-11-03 Nathan Sidwell <>

	* lib/gdb.exp (gdb_compile_test): New.
	(skip_ada_tests, skip_java_tests): New.
	(gdb_compile): Use gdb_compile_test for f77.
	* lib/ada.exp (gdb_compile_ada): Use gdb_compile_test to record result.
	* lib/java.exp (compile_java_from_source): Remove runtests check,
	use gdb_compile_test to record result.
	* gdb.ada/packed_array.exp, gdb.ada/fixed_points.exp,
	gdb.ada/exec_changed.exp, gdb.ada/start.exp,
	gdb.ada/watch_arg.exp, gdb.ada/null_record.exp,
	gdb.ada/array_return.exp, gdb.ada/arrayidx.exp,
	gdb.mi/mi-var-child-f.exp, gdb.fortran/types.exp,
	gdb.fortran/array-element.exp, gdb.fortran/subarray.exp,
	gdb.fortran/derived-type.exp, gdb.fortran/exprs.exp,,,,, Add language skip,
	adjust gdb_compile invocations.

Looks OK to me, except for one question. Did you test this with a java compiler around, by any chance? This is the only part that I'm not sure about. I just don't understand exactly what the bits you are removing are trying to do (I'm reading the dejagnu documentation and it's not quite helping...).

this time round I didn't have a java compiler available. I'm pretty certain I checked with/without before.


Nathan Sidwell    ::   ::         CodeSourcery

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