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RFC: Remove gdb_cmd from testsuite

Does anyone see why I should not commit this patch?

IIRC, I've hit the race condition caused by this static filename; it
leads to WARNINGs and timeouts at the end of a testsuite run if
gdb.base and gdb.cp write the file at the same time.  This seems to
work identically, and avoids the temporary file.

Daniel Jacobowitz

2009-11-05  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

	* lib/gdb.exp (default_gdb_version): Use --version instead of

Index: lib/gdb.exp
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/testsuite/lib/gdb.exp,v
retrieving revision 1.124
diff -u -p -r1.124 gdb.exp
--- lib/gdb.exp	2 Nov 2009 17:28:16 -0000	1.124
+++ lib/gdb.exp	5 Nov 2009 20:54:48 -0000
@@ -104,13 +104,7 @@ proc default_gdb_version {} {
     global GDB
     global gdb_prompt
-    set fileid [open "gdb_cmd" w];
-    puts $fileid "q";
-    close $fileid;
-    set cmdfile [remote_download host "gdb_cmd"];
-    set output [remote_exec host "$GDB $INTERNAL_GDBFLAGS --command $cmdfile"]
-    remote_file build delete "gdb_cmd";
-    remote_file host delete "$cmdfile";
+    set output [remote_exec host "$GDB $INTERNAL_GDBFLAGS --version"]
     set tmp [lindex $output 1];
     set version ""
     regexp " \[0-9\]\[^ \t\n\r\]+" "$tmp" version

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