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Re: [RFA] replay bookmarks

Jakob Engblom wrote:
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 13:13:24 -0800
From: Michael Snyder <>

+  add_com ("bookmark", class_bookmark, save_bookmark_command, _("\
+Set a bookmark.\n\
This is way too short. Suggest to expand a bit:

Set a bookmark in the inferior's execution history

+  add_com ("goto-bookmark", class_bookmark, goto_bookmark_command, _("\
+Go to bookmark <n>\n\
Similarly here: such a short description is hardly useful, as it just
repeats the name of the command.
How about this?
Fine with me.

There are a few instances of user messages where the text is not
marked by _().

Also, we will need an update for the manual, once this is approved.

Also, will this add corresponding operations to gdb-serial? That is necessary to get this working for undodb, Simics, and similar remote-exec bookmarkable targets. I guess that also means VMWare, right?

Right. But I haven't tested the remote serial bits, so any feedback that you have will be helpful. This is the implementation of the protocol question that I asked you earlier.

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