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Re: Remove m68k-elf special cases from gdb.trace

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
Our tree has carried around (an older version of) this patch for some

Once upon a distant past, when tracepoint support was first added, GDB
supported some sort of EMC device (probably a NAS or similar?) with an
m68k processor.  It was a bit different from other GDB targets and the
main interest was tracepoints rather than full debugging.  So bits
sprang up in the testsuite to accomodate this device.

They were only conditioned on "m68k-*-elf" (or at least, ended up that
way).  We happen to build toolchains for ColdFire processors which
also match m68k-*-elf.  Running the EMC tracepoint stub on them,
unsurprisingly, yields poor results.

I could have cleaned this up some other way, but I strongly suspect
the system we're supporting is no longer deployed - or at least is not
used with any current version of GDB.  Does anyone know otherwise?
Michael, your name is on some of the original changelog entries for
these files; CC'd in hopes you know what's become of this target.

It's ok with me, if it's ok with Stan. ;-)

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