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Re: [RFA] Expand "info record"

Pedro Alves wrote:
On Wednesday 21 October 2009 02:31:41, Michael Snyder wrote:
Pedro Alves wrote:
On Tuesday 20 October 2009 23:25:30, Michael Snyder wrote:

+ /* Display instruction number for last instruction in the log. */
+ printf_filtered (_("Highest recorded instruction number is %llu.\n"), + record_insn_count ? record_insn_count - 1 : 0);
Why the conditional subtraction?
Because I don't want it to say "-1".
Okay, that much is obvious, but how can you reach here
with record_insn_count == 0, given that you check if you
have a log at all a bit above?
Maybe not -- but I'm a belt-and-suspenders guy.
I don't believe in not checking for something just because
it "can't happen".  What if somebody changed the check above?

That's why we comment non-obvious code, or add gdb_asserts (could be overkill), or warnings. The worse that can happen if somebody changes the check above, is the new bug is quickly exposed because gdb starting printing '(ULONGEST) -1'. Masking a buglet like that is wrong, IMO.

Yeah, you've convinced me.  Thanks for the prodding,
and please see new revision.  I'll make that conditional
go away too.   ;-)

Thanks. I could nit some more, but the all the info seems
there. ;-) I'm fine with the patch.

I don't see "info record" mentioned in the docs.  Only:
 @kindex info record insn-number
 @item info record insn-number
 Show the current number of recorded instructions.

Was there a corresponding documentation patch?

FTR, it still pains me when I see this:
+  if (current_target.to_stratum == record_stratum)
+    {

especially more so now that we have a stratum higher than record_statum...

We do? ...

OK -- how would you suggest doing this sort of test?

I'll get right to work on the docs patch, thanks for reminding me.

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