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Re: [RFC][patch] Allow to disassemble line.

> For whatever it's worth, I miss the extra screen real estate stolen by
> the enlarged prompt (or even the narrower prompt).  I use a wider than
> average terminal and most of the times I use disassemble it still runs
> off the right and wraps unreadably.  It's fine in examples because
> they have names like "gdb_main" or "bar"...

Same complaint here...

> We've got this layout here with nicely aligned columns but tons of
> whitespace.  In a halfway modern world we could do this with color.
> Or bold the address of the current instruction.  This would be a real
> interface departure for GDB so I'm curious what others think of it.
> (Yes, I'm thinking of Tufte, why do you ask?)

Wouldn't it be a problem with targets using MI? Or IDEs that run
GDB through a pipe (thinking of Windows in this case)?

I love the idea of starting to take advantage of the terminal capabilities
in order to introduce font properties such as colors or boldness.

> (top) disas
> Dump of assembler code for function gdb_main:
>    0x0000000000454c9e (+0):     push   %rbp
>    0x0000000000454c9f (+1):     mov    %rsp,%rbp

Regardless of the above, this suggestion seems fine to me.  The repeated
function name has always been clutter (more of the time, I disass the
current function, and I know what it is :-).

> (gdb) x/2i main
> Dump of assembler code for function main:
> 0x44cce0 (+0):          sub    $0x28,%rsp
> 0x44cce4 (+4):          movq   $0x0,(%rsp)

This one is a little less obviously nice. I have little user-define
functions such as "ssi" which does "stepi; x /i $pc". Having the
output fit in a couple of lines would really add clutter in this case

> I do observe that disassemble prints leading zeros and examine strips them.

We could start with that...


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