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Re: [PING] About score-tdep commit

Joel Brobecker <> 写于 2009-10-14 10:04:43:

> > My fault, I didn't post my patch to gdb-patches, next time
> > I'll do this.
> I would prefer if you deleted the code completely, instead of commenting
> it out.  We're still cleaning up dead code that was commented-out years
> ago.  If someone needs the code back, it's very easy to get it back from
> a previous version of that file.  Can you do that cleanup, please?
> Note that we've occasionally commented out code like this, but there
> should be a comment explaining why the code was commented out, and we
> should have a plan to address the issue in the short to medium term.
> Even then, I still think that commenting code out is usually wrong.
> > >   This commit is only in main branch, shouldn't this also be
> > >   included in gdb 7.0 branch as it removes code that is surely
> > >   broken in the branch?
> > 
> > Yes, it should be. Should I write this change to 7.0 branch (looks
> > like I can't write to this branch) or other one will do this?
> If you don't mind, can you do the commit? 

These dead codes in gdb/score-tdep.[ch] have been deleted, both in main
branch and gdb 7.0 branch.


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