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Re: [v8] multi-executable support

> Any suggestions?  Assuming languages have only singular and one
> plural form [if (n == 1) else ...] is frowned uppon as well.
>  "1 inferior(s) added." ?
>  "Added 1 inferior(s)." ?
>  Just drop the sentence?

Hmmm, I didn't realize that [if (n == 1) else ...] was also frowned
upon. Not sure how this issue is usually solved, but in this case
I think we can indeed drop the sentence entirely.  Otherwise, if
people want to keep it, then either form looks fine.

> Oh.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question.  I hope the
> models can be matched without much trouble.

I sure will :)

> > So if I can do a resync of the AdaCore sources up to before your
> > patch, that'll give me a little more time.
> Sure, no problem.

Actually, not to worry after all. I modified my procedures to use
the git repo instead, and it's very easy to go back, so cancel that
personal request :).

(after so many months of using git, I still cannot believe how much
of a lifesaver it is - I keep discovering new ways to improve my work
with it, and I simply have no time to get used to it!)


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