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Re: [v8] multi-executable support

On Wednesday 14 October 2009 04:03:10, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> I like the UI, and the concepts behind it. I did a careful reading of
> the introductory comment in progspace.h and it's great that you took
> the time to provide such a detailed introduction.  I'm planning on
> extending it to discuss the VxWorks case :-).


> Just a few nits: There is at least one location where I noticed some
> "#if 0"'ed code, and I just told one of the contributors that we'd
> like to avoid this sort of thing.  Can it be removed, or should we
> really be keeping that piece of commented out code.  We usually use
> FIXMEs instead.

Ah, yeah, I'll drop that for now.

> In the documentation:
>     +(@value{GDBP}) clone-inferior
>     +Added inferior 2.
>     +1 inferiors added.
> This is really nit-picking, but when adding 1 inferior, should we have
> a special message that does not say "inferiors" (plural). I usually
> don't care much about this sort of detail, but for some reason, it
> seems to matter to me in this case.

Any suggestions?  Assuming languages have only singular and one
plural form [if (n == 1) else ...] is frowned uppon as well.

 "1 inferior(s) added." ?

 "Added 1 inferior(s)." ?

 Just drop the sentence?

> Just a personal request: If you commit the patch before Saturday,
> could you just give me a heads up. I just want to make sure that
> I can get a checkout of the sources before you apply your patch.
> I think that the patch is going to break our VxWorks port, and I think
> that fixing it will require a bit of thoughts and time.  

Oh.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question.  I hope the
models can be matched without much trouble.

> So if I can 
> do a resync of the AdaCore sources up to before your patch, that'll
> give me a little more time.

Sure, no problem.

Pedro Alves

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